Main Ideas and Inferences Daily Reading Comprehension Passages Bell Ringers


Daily reading comprehension practice for determining the central idea and making inferences. Students will read a passage about a different nonfiction topic each day and then answer two multiple choice questions that focus on the central idea and an inference that could be made from the passage.

These are short informational text passages that are designed for quick daily practice. Each multiple choice question has three answer options. The third question for days 1-4 requires students to cite evidence from the text that supports the inference they made. Day 5 is a longer passage that has additional questions.

Distance Learning Ready: This product comes with a Google Forms option. Each passage has been converted into a separate Google Form.

This is great for:

  • Bell ringers
  • Homework
  • Test Prep

Please see the preview for Week 1.

This product contains 6 weeks of reading comprehension passages for a total of 30 passages and includes the editable PowerPoint file.

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