Text Messages Mini Bundle

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This bundle contains five different resources that allow students to use text messages to show their learning! Two of the resources included conversations that students will analyze and the other three allow students to create their own text message conversations! Students love the novelty of text messages in their assignments!


Text Message Analysis Drawing Conclusion and Inferencing

In this engaging activity, students will review eight different text message conversations in order to make inferences and draw conclusions. Students are required to cite evidence for each answer.

Tone in Text Messages Two Levels for Easy Differentiation

Students will analyze five different text message conversations to identify the tone and cite evidence from each message. Students will then have an opportunity to create and identify the tone in their own texts.

Text Message Task Cards

This product contains both blank and editable text message task cards in PDF and Powerpoint versions.

Character Text Messages

This product allows students to respond from the point of view of a novel character. This resource contains 10 pages that each contain a different question. Some questions are best for use before the novel is finished while others are designed for use after students have finished reading the novel.

Text Message Templates

This resource provides an opportunity to get students engaged in whatever topic you’re studying. There are six different message formats included. This is great for having students create conversations between novel characters, historical figures and much more!

Original price was: $8.00.Current price is: $4.00.

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