Floral Middle School ELA Classroom Decor

One of the most fun things about being a teacher is picking out classroom decor! When I first started teaching ELA, I was so excited about getting to decorate my classroom with cute but educational posters and signs! Sadly, I quickly discovered a major issue. I had a very difficult time finding age appropriate resources for my middle school ELA classroom. Even when I did find some resources that worked, I couldn’t find enough matching resources. That is when I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands, so I began to create my own Middle School ELA Classroom Decor and decided to start with florals!

Green florals middle school ela classroom decor

Floral Middle School ELA Classroom Decor Welcome Signs

floral middle school ela classroom decor welcome signs

Greet students before they even enter your room with these floral welcome signs! These signs bring a sense of warmth, beauty, and sophistication to a classroom, setting a positive tone for the entire academic year. Beautifully designed with floral motifs, these signs not only captivate the eye but also symbolize growth and the blooming of young minds. By adding these floral welcome signs to the classroom, educators make a strong statement: their classroom is not merely a space for rote learning, but a vibrant garden where ideas are planted, nurtured, and allowed to bloom.

Floral Rules Signs

Establishing a healthy learning environment requires consistency when it comes to classroom rules. This is where creatively designed rule signs can serve as a unique addition to middle school English Language Arts classrooms. Rather than standard black-and-white printouts, engaging and colorful rule signs can help transform mundane rules into visually captivating guides for behavior and expectations. These signs not only reinforce important standards for respectful interaction and productive work habits, but they also add an artistic flair to the classroom. Rule signs in vibrant colors and appealing designs can make the necessary classroom regulations more digestible and memorable for students.

Floral Middle School ELA Signs

floral middle school ela classroom decor genres signs

This resource offers visually captivating signs brimming with crucial content. Imagine the genre posters adorning your classroom library or reading nook, serving as both decor and a visual guide. The figurative language posters provide an educational and aesthetically pleasing display that beautifully combines education and design. Meanwhile, the literary elements signs act as convenient reference points, fostering a deeper understanding of key literary concepts among your students. Each set of these signs is available in three unique floral backgrounds. And the best part? They’re text-editable! This feature offers a unique blend of consistency in design and customization in content, allowing you to tailor the information to suit your teaching style and students’ needs perfectly

This decor bundle is an incredible value and includes the following:

  • Editable Welcome Signs: Welcome students with an inviting message.
  • Editable RACES Signs: Enhance students’ writing skills.
  • Editable Rules Signs: Set expectations for your classroom.
  • Editable Genres Signs: Expand literary understanding.
  • Editable Figurative Language Signs: Develop deeper comprehension of literary devices.
  • Editable Classroom Signs: Navigate your classroom effectively.
  • Editable Parts of Speech Signs: Boost grammar knowledge.
  • Editable Voice Level Signs: Manage noise levels in the classroom.
  • Editable Literary Elements Signs: Facilitate understanding of key literary elements

As educators, we understand the need for flexibility and customization when it comes to classroom decor. This decor set addresses that need perfectly. It offers not only printable PDF signs but also text-editable Microsoft PowerPoint versions! The font is conveniently embedded in the PowerPoint. Though the background and images are not modifiable, ALL of the text can be edited, ensuring that the signs are perfectly tailored for your classroom and your students.

This floral middle school ELA classroom decor set stands out as an essential resource for any language arts and reading classroom. Grab this product on Teachers Pay Teachers today and let your classroom bloom with this must-have ELA Classroom Decor Set!

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