Bell Ringers for Middle School ELA

When middle schoolers enter the classroom, teachers never know what to expect. For instance, students may come in with tons of energy and struggle to sit down. Or, they come in looking like zombies and just want to put their heads down to nap. Additionally, they may even come in upset about some drama that happened the night before. This is exactly why middle school teachers need to have an assignment ready to go the minute students walk in! Luckily, bell ringers in middle school ELA are the solution! For instance, the Daily Reading Comprehension Passages and Daily Reading Passages create the perfect way to do this! They help students get into an academic mindset the moment they enter the classroom. 

Benefits of Bell Ringers 

The first few minutes of class set the tone for the entire period. However, teachers cannot always start right away. For instance, a student may need to talk, or there may be a phone call from the office. This is why bell ringers make the perfect start! Students come in and know exactly what to do. Additionally, bell ringers provide a great review! Students can review main idea, figurative language, and context clues all within the same week! 

Daily Reading Comprehension Passages

Example of bell ringers for middle school ELA

These printable and digital bell ringers are ideal for building engagement and focus from the minute students enter! Ultimately,  students will improve their reading skills while practicing so many essential standards.

Since middle school ELA focuses on so many aspects, there are tons of variety in these passages! For instance, students will work on reading comprehension and context clues by reading about mysteries. Additionally, there are passages focusing on survival stories. There are multiple weeks of each type to ensure students show growth in these skills. 

Main idea and theme are two of the most challenging standards for students to learn! So, there are multiple weeks of practice for each topic. Students will have a short reading passage and multiple-choice questions to practice these skills. 

Luckily, these bell ringers in middle school ELA are also perfect for homework, morning work, and test prep! Teachers can use them in so many ways. 

Starting class will be a breeze! Best of all, the bundle offers a money-saving discount to help ensure all classes can benefit from this fantastic resource!

Daily Reading Passages

ELA Bell Ringers for Middle School

These passages are excellent for bell ringers in middle school ELA. They focus on context clues, central idea, inferences, and theme. To build consistency, students will work on these skills through 25 weeks of daily reading passages. This means there are a total of 125 passages! 

To ensure students stay engaged, there are various topics. This includes the Titanic, earthquakes, and Alcatraz! 

These no-prep printables are the perfect way to start class! Teachers can even use these passages for homework and test prep! 

Bell ringers in middle school ELA will be a game changer in your classroom! Ultimately, the Daily Reading Comprehension Passages and Daily Reading Passages create an excellent way for students to review key standards! Once they understand the expectation, they will know they need to come and get started right away. 

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