Fall Reading Activities for Middle School

After experiencing the hottest days of summer, it is hard not to be excited about fall. The colorful leaves and crisp air are just some of the many reasons people love fall. If you’re looking to bring that excitement and love for fall into the classroom, I’ve got you covered! My fall reading activities for middle school are a great way to celebrate the start of fall while focusing on important reading comprehension skills!

Learn about the history of the scarecrow!

Give your students meaningful practice with a reading comprehension passage that is actually interesting! This scarecrow differentiated reading comprehension passage and activities resource explains the interesting history of scarecrows! These reading comprehension passages come written at two levels and include a differentiated context clues activity, reading comprehension questions, and a writing assignment. These print and go activities are perfect for independent work right before a break!

Scarecrow Differentiated Reading Passage & Activities

Make inferences by reading text messages!

Our students make inferences every day, but they don’t always realize this. Make your lesson relevant with my fall text message analysis activity! Your students will love reading these fall-themed text messages and then making inferences! You will be surprised by the amount of insight your students can glean from these short conversations!

Fall Text Message Analysis Activity

Combine coloring and context clues with this fun fall activity!

I probably say this way too often, but middle school students are not too old to love coloring! I created a fun and engaging resource that combines that love with important context clues practice! This fall context clues color by number activity requires students to use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words in order to reveal a mystery image. You can even use these completed pictures as seasonal classroom decorations!

Fall Context Clues Color by Number

It is always fun to celebrate the changing of the seasons with your students, but this isn’t always easy to do at the middle school level. My fall reading comprehension bundle offers thematic activities that are based on the standards! The best part about the bundle is the money you’ll save! Your students will love completing these fun fall reading activities for middle school!

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