Main Idea Activities for Middle School

Once students enter middle school, many ELA standards begin to repeat. While the focus may be the same, the depth is quite different. As students get older, they have to show growth in the skill by thinking about and explaining it in a more detailed way. One of these skills involves identifying main idea. Students actually begin working on identifying the main idea in elementary school and continue to graduation. The main idea activities for middle school below offer practical ways for students to practice this essential skill! 

Why is Main Idea Important?

Main idea tells readers the essential point the author is conveying. Additionally, the main idea is supported by details within the text. By understanding the main idea, students understand what the passage is about. So, main idea activities for middle school are essential as students work to comprehend more complex text! 

Main Idea Reading Passages 

These reading passages are a great way to help students focus on identifying the central idea and supporting details. It begins by providing a brief overview of main idea and then has three passages for students to practice. Each passage includes multiple-choice questions for students to apply their knowledge. Additionally, the passages all support the building of skills. This means the first passage is very short and great for review. Then, the second passage is longer and excellent for practice. Students can do this independently, in small groups, or as a whole class. Lastly, the third page is one page long and provides a quick assessment to check for understanding.

These passages are excellent for maid idea review or test prep! 

Main Idea Quick Reading Passages

Teachers have so much content to get through each year! These quick reads allow students to practice determining the central idea of a passage without taking a lot of time. This is a great way to have main idea activities for middle school within lessons continuously. 

This resource contains 10 short informational text passages. Each one is about a different nonfiction topic. After reading, students will answer two multiple-choice questions. The first focuses on the central idea, and the second provides context clues practice. Students will love the quick review and practice these passages provide!

Daily Reading Comprehension 

Getting middle school students in the door and settled can be a difficult task. They love to linger in the hallway and slowly arrive at their desk. Thankfully, this daily review changes that! 

Students will know what they need to work on as soon as they walk in the door. Each informational reading passage focuses on reading comprehension practice to determine the main idea and make inferences. Additionally, each passage is about a different nonfiction topic to hold student interest! After reading, students will answer two multiple-choice questions for consistent practice. 

Middle school teachers spend a lot of time identifying essential standards and how to best teach them. Between holding student interest and showing growth, planning can be exhausting. These main idea activities for middle school provide a quick, powerful review of a skill students will use repeatedly.