Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Activities for Middle School

November is the perfect time to incorporate Thanksgiving reading comprehension activities into your middle school classroom. You’ve survived the chaos of Halloween and you still have a few weeks before the chaos before Christmas break begins. You even have several days off to look forward to in the month! Make the most of your instructional time with these enjoyable reading comprehension activities and worksheets that focus on essential skills!

Thanksgiving Writing Activities to Get Your Students Writing

There are a variety of writing prompts that focus on Thanksgiving. I like to have my students write a paragraph every week explaining something they’re grateful for. You can also have students write a longer narrative about a favorite holiday memory or meal. Students could also research the history of harvest celebrations and write a longer paper based on what they find!

Middle School Students Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Activities & Worksheets

I fondly remember doing fun and creative activities at school during the holidays, but it is often difficult for teachers to find fun holiday activities that are aligned to the standards. That’s why I created my Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Activities & Worksheets bundle! This bundle is perfect for the days before Thanksgiving when your students have a hard time focusing.

My students really love these context clues color by number worksheets! They read a Thanksgiving-themed sentence and then use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words. They’ll then color in boxes based on the answers to reveal a mystery image! Students will love getting to color, and you’ll love that they’re practicing an important skill.

Thanksgiving coloring activities for middle school

The bundle also includes two differentiated reading comprehension passages. These passages include two reading levels so that you can help students who may struggle with reading comprehension. The passages include context clues questions, reading comprehension questions, and a writing assignment.

Thanksgiving reading passages for middle school

I also included a Thanksgiving text message analysis activity in this bundle. My text message analysis activities are very popular. Students enjoy the cell phone format so much that they don’t even realize that they’re making inferences and citing evidence! The Thanksgiving-themed messages will keep the holiday spirit going while your students are actively engaged in learning.

Thanksgiving Reading Activities Text Message Analysis

The holidays can be stressful for teachers, but they don’t have to be! These Thanksgiving reading comprehension activities & worksheets for middle schoolers are exactly what you need to be festive in your classroom without compromising learning opportunities.