Valentine’s Day Reading Comprehension Activities for Middle School

Whether or not they like to admit it, many students still love Valentine’s Day! They may be past handing out cards and gifts to everyone in their class, but your middle schoolers will still enjoy some fun Valentine’s Day reading comprehension activities and worksheets! These Valentine’s Day ELA & reading comprehension activities for middle school don’t focus too much on romance but are still festive and fun!

Valentine’s Day Acrostic Poems

Having students write their own poems is a great way to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your lesson plans. Encourage your middle schoolers to use vocabulary words to create acrostic poems about family or friendship. You could even include a writing assignment that asks students to explain why they chose certain words or phrasing. This activity is sure to spark some interesting conversations between students!

Valentine’s Day Reading Comprehension

Many students are unfamiliar with the history of Valentine’s Day. This differentiated reading comprehension passage about the history of Valentine’s Day will both capture their attention and help them practice important reading skills! It includes a passage at two different reading levels, so you can easily differentiate your instruction. It also includes a differentiated context clues activity and reading comprehension questions.

Valentine's Day Reading Activities for Middle School
Valentine’s Day Reading Activities for Middle School

Valentine’s Day Context Clues Coloring Activity

I know I say this all the time, but middle schoolers love to color! It is fun and can even be relaxing. Unfortunately, increased focus on testing and rigor limits the opportunities teachers have to let their students color. I wanted an activity that gave my students the opportunity to color while focusing on the standards. My students have always struggled with vocabulary, and I find focusing on using context clues really helps. That’s why I created my line of context clues color by number activities. These fun activities allow students to practice with context clues while having the chance to color! Your students will use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words and then color in squares to reveal a mystery image. The finished products are also great for decorating your classroom!

Valentine's Day Coloring Activities for Middle School
Valentine’s Day Coloring Activities for Middle School

Your older students may not always act like it, but they still enjoy celebrating holidays. Let your middle school students have fun while learning with these Valentine’s Day ELA & reading comprehension activities. If you’re interested in my Valentine’s Day ELA & reading activities, check out my money-saving bundle!