Spring Reading Activities for Middle School

Now that the sun is shining again and the weather is warming up, students are ready to head back outside! While this is great, they still have to spend several hours in school. So, they often daydream by looking out the window and being a bit grumpy that they are stuck inside. Middle schoolers never shy away from expressing their emotions! To help counteract these feelings, teachers have to find creative ways to teach essential standards. Honestly, this is a great way to distract students from staring outside or refusing to work. For instance, spring reading activities for middle school are a great way to combine learning while acknowledging the desire to be outside. Best of all, the Spring Context Clues Color by Number and Spring Text Message Analysis bring smiles to the classroom! 

Spring Context Clues Color by Number

Students are never too old to color! Honestly, middle school students become so focused whenever they get a chance to be creative. It provides such a nice break from being on different types of technology. Luckily, spring reading activities for middle school provide the perfect opportunity for engaging, tech-free material. 

Students will use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words. Specifically, each page has ten sentences with three multiple-choice answer options. After selecting their answer, they will color specific boxes to reveal a mystery image. There are two different spring images to ensure students have plenty of practice. 

Spring Reading Activities for Middle School Context Clues Color by Number Bee
Spring Context Clues Color By Number

Spring Text Message Analysis 

Middle school teachers know they have to bring in student interest when creating lessons. Otherwise, students will say the assignment is, boring or cringy. This will lead to students rushing through and not entirely trying. Luckily, that won’t be a problem with these text message analysis pages. 

Since students love to text, they will work on making inferences and drawing conclusions by analyzing various text message conversations. To do this, they will read the text message conversation and answer a few questions about it. They will even have to cite evidence for each answer! 

Since every classroom is different, there are printable and digital options! Students will love working on inferences and citing evidence in a format they relate to! 

Spring Reading Activities for Middle School Text Message Analysis
Spring Text Message Analysis

Middle school years are some of the most challenging for students. Between their bodies changing, friend dynamics involving, and social media drama growing, life is stressful! This is why teachers work so hard to develop engaging activities. They know when students are engaged, they are learning and forgetting whatever was said on social media the night before. Spring Context Clues Color by Number and Spring Text Message Analysis allows students to enjoy learning! They will love being able to focus on context clues, inferences, conclusions, and evidence with these spring reading activities for middle school! 

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