ELA & Reading Test Prep

As much as teachers and students don’t want to think about it, testing season is quickly approaching! While teachers would prefer to focus on engaging lessons, the reality is that testing matters. It is how states hold schools and teachers accountable for student learning. However, testing does not need to take over the classroom! With the Standards-Based Reading Passages Bundle, teachers can continue to focus on teaching and reviewing essential material. Best of all, ELA & Reading test prep will feel like another great day in the classroom!

Taking the Pressure Off

Students are already under so much pressure. They have much to handle between grades, athletics, and extracurriculars. On top of this, they are dealing with tons of stress outside school. Often, this involves drama on social media and handling expectations at home. So, students cannot take more pressure from high-stakes testing. If they feel too much pressure, they will overthink and overwhelm themselves. This is exactly why ELA & Reading test prep should feel like standard lessons to students.

Standards-Based Reading Passages Bundle

Whether you are introducing a new skill or reviewing for ELA & Reading test prep, these passages are the answer! 

Before beginning a passage, there is a brief overview. This helps students know what they are focusing on. Then, there are 3 reading comprehension passages per standard to help students answer multiple-choice questions. This is an incredible way to build their knowledge and confidence at the same time! 

Since every classroom is different, teachers can print the passages or upload them digitally.

ELA & Reading Test Prep Passages Inferences

Built-In Scaffolds

When working on ELA & Reading test prep, students must build their knowledge and stamina. Depending on the state, students will need to focus for multiple hours at a time and read a lot of passages! So, the first passage is very short and provides a great review. The second passage is longer and offers perfect practice. The third passage is one-page long and is an excellent quick assessment. Teachers can use these results to see which standards they must focus on.

Informational Text Skills

Students have to show growth in so many aspects. This is why the Standards-Based Reading Passages Bundle is purposeful in the writing. Specifically, students focus on inferences and citing evidence, central ideas and supporting details, and interactions in text. Additionally, students focus on words and phrases, text structure, and point of view. Students will become confident in reading information text after this practice!

ELA & Reading Test Prep Passages Central Idea

Literature Skills

Just like informational, literary text contains so many standards! Thankfully, the passages also focus on inferences and citing evidence in addition to words and phrases. On top of this, students will work on theme, story elements, text structure, and point of view. They will be so thankful for this practice! 

ELA & Reading Test Prep Passages Theme

ELA & Reading test prep does not have to be stressful! Teachers and students can focus on the standards and naturally be ready when the test day arrives. Thankfully, the Standards-Based Reading Passages Bundle is here to ensure students have a solid review without feeling overwhelmed! 

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